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The question becomes not Why is the iPad so obvious? but rather, What’s next that we’ll consider obvious by the time it comes?


Douglas A. McIntyre says that because iPad demand is higher than expected, Apple may have to cut prices. Uh…

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This is a generals’ war. The rank-and-file at Apple and Google aren’t looking for battle, or even expecting it.

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Ed Sutherland:

In a memo, the rival wireless carrier sees the new Apple gadget as “an opportunity for VZW” and urges employees to promote its MiFi wireless router as a stop-gap connection method until a 3G iPad is available in late April.

I for one already have a 2-year contract with Verizon for my MiFi so I certainly will not pay for a 3G iPad and their service. In other words I will be using my MiFi.

The VZ network is not as fast as AT&T, but it is far more reliable. So my thinking is that it is better to have a working car, than a Ferrari that is always in the shop.

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Shawn Blanc via Formspring.me

I feel the exact same way, I think I am just going to “fix” her computer for a month and see if the iPad works.

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Right now my view on the iPad is summed up as thus: it would be the perfect computer for my wife, and I have no clue how to convince her of that fact.


This is just a small taste of what I love about using a Mac.

All the great developers who created these application make your product better. Please do the right thing and treat them like the professionals they are as you move us all down the path to touch computing and your closed marketplace.

Sincerely yours,

Devoted Mac ecosystem consumer.

I concur on all points.

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Ok I understand that you can create a case based off the dimensions provided by Apple, but really? I mean no one (except a select few) have handled one and for a me a good case is designed around the use of the product that it is encasing. Sooo yeah…

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This is something that has really been intriguing me of late – how is Apple going to handle the files in the iWork suite? Apple says in the press for the products that you can edit them on your Mac and iPad, which is great. But, I will be damned if I am going to email myself files each time I want to move it from iPad to Mac or vice versa.

What I could see Apple doing is allowing MobileMe members to sync the documents with your iDisk, effectively making document storage happen in the cloud. This I think could be a great way to approach this problem – especially given how much quicker Apple has made iDisk (almost usable now).

Just my $0.02 on what Apple may do with file storage for documents on the iPad.

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Leander Kahney has a post about the above title. He could not be more off base with his article.

By introducing the iPad to the press at a small, exclusive journalist-only event, he alienated the audience he needed most — the general public. Steve Jobs kept the iPad’s potential users at arms length, and it’s costing him.

Let me remind everyone of this:

At an invitation only event Apple has released their new MP3 player called the iPod. (source)

So apparently the iPod should have failed, or was setup for failure because it was, like the iPad, released at a small press event.

So he got that one wrong (really wrong) as the iPod is, as we all know, insanely popular. Then he says this:

Essential to the success of the device is that grassroots, fanboy support, which is missing for the iPad. I think it will materialize later, when the iPad goes on sale at the end of March and people can check it out at Apple’s stores.

Actually essential to the iPad’s (and any other product in the world for that matter) success is not Fanboy support but people buying it and recommending it.

I also really don’t think that this support is missing. Most accounts were poor if you only followed the reports that people were saying in the hour after the announcement, now the majority of people like the device and want it. I think the support that Apple has not gained is from the people that are not Mac users. Like with the iPod and iPhone, Windows users will come around after they touch one – however these people would not have been at Macworld to begin with.

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That’s the question I imagine Apple asking, again and again when looking at the desktop-like features they wanted to bring to the iPhone OS and create the iPad OS. The iPad OS isn’t an entirely new re-envisioning of computer OS - if only because it is based on the iPhone OS that preceded it - but it’s as scathing and questioning as an all-new OS in some regards.

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Adobe is complaining that iPad users can’t access Farmville. That sounds like a feature not a bug.

I wasn’t going to post anything on the iPad, but with everybody including my Mom asking me about it and when I am getting mine I thought that I should save myself some time and post up something here.

To answer a couple of questions really quick:

  • Yes it is f*cking sweet
  • No I will not be buying one

Now to expound on the above points:

  • This looks like the best mobile gaming platform to date. I cannot wait to see the games they come up with for this thing, the iPhone is great, the iPhone with a bigger screen and more power is awesome.
  • The iPad as an eBook reader is OK, but not better than E-Ink for eye strain. And if I can get the Kindle app on it so I can read the books I already own I will be happy. But Apple probably will not allow it.
  • WTF is up with no front facing camera, I could convince my Fiancé to let me get it if she could use it for Video Skype all day long.
  • The name sucks balls
  • Battery life is awesome.
  • I want one, and would gladly take one if given to me, but I cannot wrap my head around why I would want to tote this in my bag with my Macbook Pro and iPhone. What I leave my Macbook Pro at home? So this thing runs Photoshop? Or I leave my iPhone at home – not happening. You see my problem here is that they did not give me a compelling reason why I should add it to my gadget set I carry with me. And if it is strictly for in-home use then f* that I don’t need that. I have a Nokia 770 sitting in a drawer somewhere that I used for like a week.
  • I want this thing to play games, surf the web, and use in meetings.

So that is where I am at on it right now. I am waiting for Pogue, Gruber and a few others to play with it (as well as Me) before I change my mind.


Couple extra points I wanted to make:

  • Why the F*ck is the bezel so damn big?
  • If this thing is allowed to run Amazon’s Kindle app then I will probably end up getting one, it looks way better than a Kindle and my Fiancé will put my Kindle to good use.
  • I guess I need someone to explain to me why I would take this to Starbucks and use it over my Macbook Pro?

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I want this so bad.

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I have abridged the original post, so be sure to take a look at the original, this is a pretty neat idea.


But the Tablet’s quandary, and the quandary of all tablets before it, is not how to touch it, but how to hold it. So we look to how we pick up and hold a tablet. Both hands? A hand and a forearm? A surface? (The answer is not a surface, by the way.) Holding becomes a problem because interaction with the screen requires reach. On the iPhone, holding and reach were never a problem because you hold the screen in your hand, and you reach it with your thumb.

Here, you see a crude mockup** of an idea for such a transposition (larger version here). You may think I’m a gigantic idiot for suggesting that each thumb have its own set of keys. You are probably right, and the solution is far too inelegant to ever show up in an Apple product. But I am suggesting that this is a feasible way for a user to comfortably interact with a keyboard on a larger screen.

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