The discussion has people openly discussing an ugly truth that doesn’t typically get a lot of play among tech geeks: People don’t know how to use computers. And not just stupid people. Millions of people. People who are adults. And that’s pretty damn lame.

Read it.

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Said in reference to England’s Ministry of Defence. Business Computing World

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This is the encryption equivalent of leaving yellow sticky notes detailing user passwords on the edge of a PC monitor, and then wondering why the machine’s security is compromised.


Droplr was officially launched last night and is now available to the general public.

I’ve been using either Droplr or Cloud for the past 3 months and both are great tools. But Droplr comes out ahead in a few ways. For those who haven’t caught the bug yet, or who struggle to grasp how to make use of this type of a tool, here’s a list of things I regularly use Droplr for.

1) Shorten URLs — every link I post in Twitter comes from Droplr. This way I can track what I’ve shared and how often it’s been clicked. Other URL shorteners do this for you, but Droplr includes this service in with everything else it does.

2) No more attachments — do you have files that you regularly attach to emails? Rather than make slow emails, just upload your file to Droplr and include the link in the email.

Every Fusion customer gets a copy of our advertiser kit — a zip file that comes in just under 1 MB. Not a big deal, but for someone with expensive bandwidth, I count every MB. And so with TextExpander and Droplr, I have a succinct piece of text that shares our ad kit with every potential customer that comes across our inbox.

And at a fraction of the bandwidth.

3) Blog posts — I’ve started using Droplr to host miscellaneous items that might make their way into a blog post. It’s so much more enjoyable to work within the Droplr interface than the WordPress backend.

Updates to the Beta

For those who were using the Droplr beta, the new version that was released last night has some great updates that I’ve enjoyed for the past week.

1 - Sharing a piece of code in a note comes with some great default formatting.

2 - When sharing a file, rather than automatically download when clicked, the user is taken to a page where they have the option to download if desired. This is a more polite way to treat the user in my mind.

3 - My favorite change is the progress indicator in the menubar. Rather than the three dots as in the beta, the new version rotates like a clock. A beautiful touch.

4 - A list of recent uploads. This is a nice way to easily access the items you’ve recently shared.

Two other items of note that I enjoy with the app:

1 - The ability to type a quick note and upload to the service. I’m not exactly sure how I’d put this feature to use yet, but it seems like a good option to include.

2 - The inclusion of stats on the Droplr web interface. It’s been very helpful to get the breakdown of what kinds of items I’ve shared and how often they’ve been viewed/clicked/downloaded.

With new web and desktop apps coming our way so frequently, it’s easy to become numb to it all. But I say you ignore this tool at your expense. It has changed a few aspects of my workday, and for the better.

Check it out.

I just started using Droplr last night, but I can tell you that it is awesome. Really awesome.

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Yes, yes they do have double standards.

Matt Rechtel:

When it comes to the use of cellphones and other electronic devices while behind the wheel, many people say they are worried about the dangers posed by multitasking drivers. At the same time, they say they believe they can handle the same distractions without endangering others.

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On why Nokia failed where apple succeeds:

The answer is easy: Apple makes great products. The success of Apple’s retail stores isn’t based on any sort of tricks or upon the design of the stores themselves. The stores are well-designed, and they do use clever tricks to make them even better, but the foundation is the products. No gadget company can duplicate the success of the Apple Stores without products of similar caliber. Duh.

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I… hmm. Let’s see. I’ve written about that whole “no operating system” technicality before, so I’ll leave that alone for now. But… how should I put this? I should be nice. The Fusion Garage guy seems like a nice guy.

I have absolutely no idea how they’re going to convince anyone beyond a handful of hardcore geeks to buy this.

It looks like they’ve taken the idea and executed fairly well on it, although it’s too early to really know. But that doesn’t really matter.

This type of product has been tried before, and it has never succeeded. I disagree with Fusion Garage’s premise that this fills the gap between an iPhone and a “full” computer. Yeah, it could serve that role, but small, inexpensive laptops (and yes, even netbooks) fill it a lot better, often for a lot less money.

Assuming this is necessary is a Bill Gates fallacy: assuming that the general public has the same demands and priorities as geeks like us.

Most people are happy to have one computer and one phone. The computer is likely to be a laptop, and that laptop is likely to be inexpensive and in the 13-inch size class. There’s no room in this picture for another $500 device that won’t fit in anyone’s pocket or purse and won’t provide any functionality that the laptop doesn’t.

It’s the same problem netbooks have, but the JooJoo does even less, for more money.


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I remember reading articles in the early 1990s laughing at articles from the 1980s predicting Unix would take over the desktop.

I subscribed to these thoughts, mostly out of ignorance.

Knowing then what I know now, I would have merely prayed it wouldn’t come to pass.

(Hint: I’m not a Unix fan.)

Repeat lesson learned: consider Moore’s Law before writing-off an idea or product.

I know better now than to think Linux won’t be in every toaster in 20 years.

This is the very reason that I have stopped trashing Vista and Windows 7. Are they as good as Mac OS 10.6? No. Will they ever be any better? I hope they get there, not because I want to switch back to Windows, but because I think that competition spurs innovation. And we still have a lot of innovating to do on OSes.

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Kim Zetter:

Want to know how much phone companies and internet service providers charge to funnel your private communications or records to U.S. law enforcement and spy agencies? That’s the question muckraker and Indiana University graduate student Christopher Soghoian asked all agencies within the Department of Justice, under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed a few months ago. But before the agencies could provide the data, Verizon and Yahoo intervened and filed an objection on grounds that, among other things, they would be ridiculed and publicly shamed were their surveillance price sheets made public.

The arguments against discloses this information is humorous especially considering Cox and Comcast (Comcast!) had no objections.

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This is the reason why I won’t get a DRIOD. The design looks like crap, same reason I don’t use Gmail, Google’s design is crap. See more and read more: About a DROID: a review of Motorola’s newest smartphone

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This is the reason why I won’t get a DRIOD. The design looks like crap, same reason I don’t use Gmail, Google’s design is crap. See more and read more: About a DROID: a review of Motorola’s newest smartphone
Read payment cards from any device with an audio input jack, including your mobile phone. Accepting payments has never been faster or more convenient.

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A.K.A. terrible predictions of the iPhone’s demise.

“The Palm Pre Will Be an iPhone Killer”
Ross Catanzariti, PC World, 2 Apr 2009

via Daring Fireball

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From Techdirt:

At some point, shouldn’t we start to consider serious sanctions against those issuing not just bogus DMCA takedown notices, but then also using such notices to demand “pre-settlement” payments from individuals who may not realize their legal rights and may just pay up?

These letters are a joke, and they should absolutely face criminal and financial penalties for sending them. This country was based off the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty. Often these letters have no proof in them, but still deem you guilty.

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