The discussion has people openly discussing an ugly truth that doesn’t typically get a lot of play among tech geeks: People don’t know how to use computers. And not just stupid people. Millions of people. People who are adults. And that’s pretty damn lame.


Today 4 people told me (complained that) Microsoft installed a security update today (or last night) and rebooted the computers without their consents. They lost work because of that.

I’m a software engineer and information security consultant. I coded for big mainframes, different Unix flavors, different Windows flavors, VAXen, PDP’s, embedded and a awful lot more. I also found and successfully exploited (as part of legal penetration tests) vulnerabilities on all of them. My answer to those 4 people was: ditch Windows. Period.

This is very much along the lines of what I tell Windows users when they have a problem: “I know how to fix all your Windows problems, just buy a Mac.”

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This is the very reason I hate watching these shows:

Computers and CSI.

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