The Minimal List:

The programme showed up a few interesting things. Firstly, and most interestingly, that almost anything can be learnt through the in-depth pursuit of a single subject. It makes me wonder just how far learning could go along this route. It also highlighted how far away this approach was from the way that we’re all normally taught. Lastly, it was interesting to see a teacher I think he was a chemistry teacher embarking on a journey himself.

It is interesting to think about, but looking back at my blogging history I amazed to remember just how little I knew about websites and design. I know the design on this site is messed up right now (I am working on it), but prior to blogging I could have cared less about design. I didn’t know how to use CSS (arguably I still don’t), but through wanting to write my thoughts down and share them, I have learned all these other facets.

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