Mark Wilson for Gizmodo:

Of course, any Mac Pro still allows multiple internal hard drives, three PCI slots, more FireWire ports (four vs one) and more room for RAM expansion (32GB vs 16GB). But once again, even in the worlds of professional media creation, that’s a pretty questionable upsell, especially with external storage solutions and the fact that most high, high end media pros (like special effects artists) turn to dedicated render farms to do their heavy number crunching anyway.


The Mac Pro was once the only viable option for a OS X lover in need of serious horsepower for tasks like editing media. Now, with the new iMac? I think it’s straight up stupid to buy a Mac Pro.

Here is the thing, the Mac Pro is still a great buy. As someone who used to own one I can tell you that the Mac Pro is hands down the fastest Mac you can get. The iMac may be just as fast, but with the expansion capabilities of the Mac Pro, it still makes a lot of sense. 
We all know that the Mac Pro will be refreshed and get faster, but even now it is a great computer. Buying external HDs to supplement an iMac is great, but it looks terrible and costs a lot of money. Plus you cannot add graphics cards to the iMac. 
Saying that buying the Mac Pro is “straight stupid” is in itself “straight stupid” to say.

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