McAfee Report Reveals Rising Threat to Cyber Security

If this is the way you feel, perhaps you should take the time to think about why you are vulnerable and then fix it. But then again that may be to radical – and you know harm job security.

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Even worse news: The risk of cyber attack – including everything from garden variety-viruses and “malware” on up to the more vicious – is rising. Nearly 40 percent of all IT executives expected a major cybersecurity incident, defined as an attack causing an outage of “at least 24 hours, loss of life or… failure of a company” in their sector within the next year, the report revealed. Four in five expected such an incident within five years.
Said in reference to England’s Ministry of Defence. Business Computing World

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This is the encryption equivalent of leaving yellow sticky notes detailing user passwords on the edge of a PC monitor, and then wondering why the machine’s security is compromised.


Today 4 people told me (complained that) Microsoft installed a security update today (or last night) and rebooted the computers without their consents. They lost work because of that.

I’m a software engineer and information security consultant. I coded for big mainframes, different Unix flavors, different Windows flavors, VAXen, PDP’s, embedded and a awful lot more. I also found and successfully exploited (as part of legal penetration tests) vulnerabilities on all of them. My answer to those 4 people was: ditch Windows. Period.

This is very much along the lines of what I tell Windows users when they have a problem: “I know how to fix all your Windows problems, just buy a Mac.”

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